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Future trends in food technology

Future trends in food technology

The R&D branch of media agency Maxus predicts five technology-driven trends that will impact the future of food, according to a story on Popsop. Lab-grown foods will continue to develop, and 3-D printers and nanopackaging will change how food is created and stored. In the world of apps, those designed to educate consumers on topics

Fresh Seafood? There’s an App for That

New England fishermen are working with technology experts to develop a smartphone app that will provide the history of fresh seafood, reports 680 News. Developed in cooperation with the the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the tool will incorporate data on the catch, landing, auction, processing, and delivery of a piece of fish. The project

Futurist Ramez Naam forecasts mix of high- and low-tech ag solutions

Visionary farming technology has its place, says futurist Ramez Naam, but some of the best long-range tools for boosting food production may already be here.