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Fresh Seafood? There’s an App for That

Fresh Seafood? There’s an App for That

New England fishermen are working with technology experts to develop a smartphone app that will provide the history of fresh seafood, reports 680 News. Developed in cooperation with the the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the tool will incorporate data on the catch, landing, auction, processing, and delivery of a piece of fish. The project

Sustainable seafood dives into the mainstream

Celebrity seafood chef Rick Moonen wants diners to vote with their forks for environmentally friendly fish.

How aquaculture can help shore up Africa’s fish stocks

Aquaculture veteran Malcolm Beveridge sees new solutions to the continent’s hunger problems through fish farming.

Turning yeast into sustainable fish food

Genetically modified yeast can replace wild-caught fish in farmed salmon diets, says Scott Nichols, director of DuPont’s aquaculture joint venture.

Bring on the barramundi

Josh Goldman’s hybrid land/ocean approach to farming fish is setting the stage for a new generation of sustainable aquaculture operations.