Interview Series: Nutrition Innovation

Robert Zeigler: GMO foods can pack a nutrient punch

GMO foods can pack a nutrient punch

GMO foods can pack a nutrient punch

In developing countries, genetically modified foods with added nutrients could help save hundreds of thousands of children each year, contends veteran agriculture researcher Robert Zeigler, head of the International Rice Research Institute. Robert Zeigler Amid the ongoing worldwide controversy about GMO (genetically modified organism) safety, is there a future for food crops genetically engineered to

Nutrition gets personal

Dietary guidance that’s targeted to your precise genetic makeup is the wave of the future, says nutrition scientist Jeffrey Blumberg. Jeffrey Blumberg In mid-February 2015, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released its 571-page report detailing what Americans should be eating to stay healthy. Much of the advice likely sounded familiar: more fruits, vegetables and nuts

Current Series: Nutrition Innovation

A new era of personalized healthy eating to prevent or even treat disease is on the horizon, say nutrition science researchers, who see this as a key part of the global effort to combat chronic preventable diseases that can be related to diet, such as cardiovascular illness, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers. These types of noncommunicable diseases are the top cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), killing 38 million people annually.

To develop more individualized, targeted dietary guidelines and therapeutic nutrition options, researchers are working to understand the crucial interactions between food and the human body. Meet the nutrition science leaders who talked to FutureFood 2050 this month:

  • Jeffrey Blumberg: Tufts University nutrition scientist who says dietary guidance targeted to your precise genetic makeup is the wave of the future
  • Mark Heiman: Chief scientific officer of MicroBiome Therapeutics, which is developing health-boosting nutritional therapies that increase the variety of gut microorganisms
  • Dr. Dean Ornish: Creator of a renowned program for reversing cardiac disease, who believes dietary changes will continue to be key to a healthy heart
  • Steven Schwartz: Ohio State University food scientist working on functional food products to help prevent cancer and other illnesses
  • Robert Zeigler: Director general of the International Rice Research Institute, which is coordinating the Golden Rice project designed to raise vitamin A levels in developing nations