Interview Series: Kitchen of the future

10 New Kitchen Tools

10 new tools for a foodie’s kitchen

10 new tools for a foodie’s kitchen

Foodies truly love food. They enjoy discovering new flavors and ingredients at the market. They are adventuresome and open to trying new cuisines when eating out. And they have a newfound passion for cooking at home. Their keen interest in food also extends to the latest appliances and gadgets in the kitchen. Here are 10

Lou Lenzi Hero

The well-connected kitchen

GE industrial designer Lou Lenzi believes interactive kitchens can help support healthier lifestyles. Take a good look at your kitchen—because it’s about to become unrecognizable. Lou Lenzi Within a decade, says General Electric (GE) industrial designer Lou Lenzi, digital communications and sensors will dramatically alter many aspects of how the home kitchen looks and works,

Current Series: Kitchen of the Future

Cutting-edge kitchen appliances that interact with their owners to plan and shop for meals, monitor special dietary needs, and produce customized food products are all on the menu of likely innovations during the next few decades, say visionary kitchen appliance designers who talked to FutureFood 2050 about their ideas for transforming the hub of the home.

Learn more about how these thought leaders predict the kitchen of 2050 will function and what it will look like:

  • Thomas Johansson: Design director for Sweden-based Electrolux, where hyperconnected “smart” kitchen appliances are already in the works
  • Lou Lenzi: Director of industrial design for GE Appliances, who believes interactive kitchens can help support healthier lifestyles
  • Hod Lipson: Director of Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab, which is experimenting with 3-D food printers that will give home cooks revolutionary new options for convenience and customization

Plus, check out our exclusive slide show, “10 New Tools for a Foodie’s Kitchen,” for a sneak peek at the high-tech gadgets and appliances that will be coming your way soon.