Interview Series: Innovative Ag Part 2

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Sustainable farming goes back to the future

Sustainable farming goes back to the future

Ancient agriculture techniques can play a crucial new role in food security, says sustainable agriculture expert Parviz Koohafkan. Not so long ago, China’s 2,000-year-old system of cultivating rice and fish together on small family farms was on the verge of becoming obsolete. The introduction of pesticides and fertilizers was killing off the fish, while new

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Greener pastures for cattle ranching

Colombian farming researcher Enrique Murgueitio advocates grazing animals on wooded land to boost sustainability and production. Imagine an overgrown perennial garden. Impenetrable, shrubby bushes knit themselves together in long rows. Grasses reach chest high. Native hardwood trees hog the perimeter. Enrique MurgueitioPhoto taken by Lisa Palmer But this dense, green expanse is not a garden.

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Big potential for small-scale aquaponics

Renewable mini-ecosystems could be the future of sustainable food production, says UK biologist Charlie Price. Some sustainable food enthusiasts create farms. Charlie Price creates ecosystems. Charlie Price As a leading UK-based proponent of aquaponics—the marriage of hydroponics and aquaculture—the freshwater biologist is working to produce food sustainably by mimicking the relationships found in nature among

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Precision agriculture poised for growth

More food with less waste is on the horizon, says Ohio State agricultural engineer Scott Shearer, thanks to sophisticated new data-driven farming technologies. Last summer, an unmanned drone cruised peacefully in the sky above an Ohio cornfield. Using remote-sensing technology, the aircraft was able to map the emerging corn sprouts hundreds of feet below to

Current Series: Innovative Ag Part 2

There’s a place for both the newest and the oldest farming technologies in sustainable agricultural systems of the future. From drones that tap into the Big Data revolution to heritage farming techniques that have produced crops efficiently for centuries, feeding the growing global population depends on making the most of all of the world’s resources, say agriculture’s pioneers.

Thought leaders from around the world talked to FutureFood 2050 about the latest innovations in policy and technology that will shape farms during the next few decades.

Find out how new research is likely to impact the global food supply by 2050 from these visionaries:

  • Parviz Koohafkan: founder of the United Nations’ Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) initiative to preserve ancient farming methods that can play a crucial new role in food security for developing nations
  • Enrique Murgueitio: director of Colombia’s Center for Research in Sustainable Systems of Agriculture (CIPAV), which teaches farmers how to boost production by grazing cattle on wooded land using silvo-pastoral techniques
  • Charlie Price: UK biologist and aquaponics advocate who sees big potential for small-scale, renewable ecosystems
  • Scott Shearer: Ohio State University agricultural engineering professor helping to blaze new trails for precision agriculture technologies such as drones