World Food Day articles

Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth: World Food Day 2014

This year, World Food Day focuses on family farming, the important role farmers play in helping feed our growing population, and the ways in which we can help them improve productivity, reduce food loss, and take better care of our earth.

Fighting for African food security

Successful smallholder farms, scaled-up investment, and nutrition-friendly public policies are crucial to boosting Africa’s food supply in the coming decades, says global leader Kofi Annan.

Investing in Africa’s Green Revolution

Food scientist and executive Jane Karuku is leading the way for a broader look at adding value to Africa’s crops.

Sowing seeds for more abundant rice crops

Genetic engineering and ecologically responsible growing practices needn’t be strange bedfellows, says plant geneticist Pamela Ronald.

The brave new world of meat alternatives

Biotechnologist Isha Datar envisions menus and meat cases stocked with tasty lab-made options.

Women hold key to hunger solutions

Public policy leader Catherine Bertini works to empower the world’s girls as the missing link in global food aid programs.