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Mark Heiman

Nutritional therapies fight disease

Nutritional therapies fight disease

Chromeless Video Player branded for IFT Neuroendocrinologist Mark Heiman, chief scientific officer at MicroBiome Therapeutics, works with colleagues to develop unique nutritional therapies that are plant-based dietary supplements. Heiman emphasizes that people should eat more diverse diets and avoid habitual ones. In this video, he describes his team’s unique approach including the use of blueberries

Mark Post

Can lab-grown meat reduce food insecurity?

Chromeless Video Player branded for IFT Mark Post, professor of physiology from Netherlands’ Maastricht University, developed the first-ever in vitro hamburger with a team of colleagues in their university’s lab. This video highlights the potential of lab-grown meat to reduce food insecurity while lowering the environmental impact of agricultural production. While factoring in regulations, Post


The next elements in your favorite food or drink

Consumers increasingly want to know what’s in their food, whether it be protein, sweeteners, flavors, colors, or GMOs, and where the ingredients come from. They also want products that are perceived to be more natural and wholesome. The food industry has taken notice and is stepping up to the challenge. Here are 10 novel food

Futurist says to think big and ‘dangerously’

Chromeless Video Player branded for IFT Futurist, author and CEO of the innovation research group, Tomorrow, Mike Walsh was the keynote speaker at IFT15. He challenged the audience to think big and “dangerously” and ask questions about the direction the world is going within food technology, science, and global sustainability. Walsh, the author of The

Farmers to reap benefits of ‘smart’ implements

Cutting-edge digital technology is sowing the seeds of more efficient, sustainable agriculture, says Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jorge Heraud. Jorge Heraud Drive any road in Salinas Valley, Calif., and you’re apt to see crews of workers stooping to weed or harvest fields of lettuce, spinach, tomatoes or strawberries. Sometimes called “America’s Salad Bowl,” this is John

Preserving fresh food longer without chemicals

Treating foods with high pressure rather than high heat or chemicals is a natural choice for better maintaining flavor and nutrients, says biologist Carole Tonello. Carole Tonello Carole Tonello likes to start her day with an energy-boosting juice made from raw kale, cucumber and spinach, but her morning rush doesn’t leave time to prepare it