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A Good Square Meal

A Good Square Meal

For those who would rather consume meal-replacement products than cook a meal, an alternative to the meal-replacement drink Soylent will soon be available. According to Business Insider, Mealsquares are solid, whole-food meal-replacement products that may appeal to those who prefer to eat a meal rather than drink it. Each square provides 400 calories in a

The Future of Personalized Nutrition

A new study recently published in the journal Cell examined how people reacted differently to the same foods and explored the possibilities for building personalized diets, according to a story that appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald. The authors created an algorithm that was more effective at predicting a “good” or “bad” personalized diet as

Synthetic Biology Produces Futuristic Foods

Scientists at University College Cork are using synthetic biology to develop prototypes of cutting-edge food products, according to the Irish Examiner. Combined with proper dietary intakes, food products made with synthetic biology will help consumers live healthier lives and improve food safety. One prototype in development is a probiotic yogurt containing a group of bacteria

Insects offer protein … and oil too

Insects offer protein … and oil too

Most of the talk today about insects as food centers on their protein content, but don’t forget about oils from insects, reports Researchers at the University of Wageningen are testing the properties of oils from various insects including the flour maggot, beetle larvae, cockroach, and cricket. Insect oils contain essential fatty acids, oleic acid,

Eating cheese may benefit your gut

Scientists may have just discovered another reason to nosh on cheese: a recent study showed that eating fermented dairy products may have a positive effect on the gut’s microbiota, according to a story in Time. Cheese—and to a degree, milk—help gut bacteria reduce the production of TMAO, a metabolite created when digesting red meat that

Student Lunches Around the World Greener, Fresher

Parents and schools can help combat childhood obesity one lunch at a time, according to a story on The Huffington Post. Quick-service restaurant Sweetgreen created mock meals representing school lunches around the globe based on individual countries’ requirements. Compared with U.S. lunches, midday meals in other countries feature more fresh, green, and nutrient-rich foods. Italy’s

The Anti-Obesity Games

The Anti-Obesity Games

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University are investigating whether digital games can help children make better dietary choices, according to Penn State News. In the study, children receive tablets loaded with games that involve choosing between healthy and unhealthy foods. Designed to teach dietary lessons that pertain to real life, the games are part of a

A Spoonful of Taste

The metal makeup of a spoon can enhance or impair the flavor of foods. The Guardian reports that scientists are testing various spoons to determine their potential for oxidation, which affects how foods taste. Their goal is to create a spoon that not only improves the taste of food but also could potentially aid in