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A New Path for Local Produce

A New Path for Local Produce

Farmers’ market growth has leveled off, but this doesn’t mean consumers aren’t interested in local foods. According to a story on Quartz, farmers are just finding other ways of getting their goods to local consumers. Farmers are selling directly to restaurants, grocery stores, and schools; using food hubs that let them reach potential buyers without

Technologies Help Food Processors Meet New Consumer Demands

Food processors are operating in a challenging environment and new technologies and innovations are adding even more complexity. A new Rabobank report explains that food processors can view new technologies as opportunities to address what consumers want from the food industry. For example, consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability, so perhaps food processors need to

Technology and the Evolution of Molecular Gastronomy

Many restaurant kitchens have long since incorporated what were once novel molecular gastronomy techniques—liquid nitrogen, immersion circulators, and all manner of gums and enzymes. A story on Nation’s Restaurant News explores how some chefs and culinary institutions are now looking at ways that new technology such as 3-D printing and supercomputers may fit into the

Exploring umami

Exploring umami

Most everyone is familiar with the four basic tastes—sweet, sour, bitter, and salty—but more attention is being paid now to what’s known as umami, or the fifth taste, according to a story on Slate. Umami is associated with savory foods such as meats, cheese, and tomatoes, and its purpose isn’t fully understood by scientists. While

vending snack is a machine

This vending machine is judging you

A vending machine that uses facial recognition remembers users’ past purchases, age, and medical history to deny them inappropriate snacks, according to a story from the Los Angeles Times. The Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine may help would-be snackers keep weight off or avoid making poor choices by refusing to sell them certain items.

Food Trends for 2015

Food trends for 2015

Uncovering the next food trend is a science that looks at consumer data, demographic patterns and many other factors, according to CBS News. To find out where consumers’ taste buds are headed in 2015, Kara Nielsen, culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group, analyzes the consumer landscape, the food landscape and the market and channels for specific

Natural Flavors

The challenge of creating “natural” flavors

Consumers want ever bolder and more nuanced flavors in their foods, but more and more, they also want to avoid artificial flavorings. In order to meet this demand—and still keep product prices low—scientists must turn to chemistry to innovate. A recent Wall Street Journal article explored the work flavor houses are doing to balance the