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Satisfying African agriculture’s growing thirst

Satisfying African agriculture’s growing thirst

The water for farming is there, says water resources engineer Janos Bogardi, but it will take new tactics to meet the continent’s projected needs. Janos Bogardi The violent water-challenged world of Mad Max may make for exciting movies, but a future driven by global wars over water shortages is an unlikely scenario, says water resources

Uniting Africa to face climate change

Scaling up climate-smart agriculture strategies means building new alliances both on and off the continent, says Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO of the African Union’s NEPAD agency. Ibrahim Mayaki Former Niger prime minister Ibrahim Assane Mayaki has dedicated his career to improving the lives of fellow Africans. Today, as CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development

How aquaculture can help shore up Africa’s fish stocks

Aquaculture veteran Malcolm Beveridge sees new solutions to the continent’s hunger problems through fish farming.

Fighting for African food security

Successful smallholder farms, scaled-up investment, and nutrition-friendly public policies are crucial to boosting Africa’s food supply in the coming decades, says global leader Kofi Annan.

Making good nutrition more accessible in Africa

African nutrition pioneer Ruth Oniang’o continues to champion solutions for the continent’s most pressing food issues.