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Engineering better food ingredients

Engineering better food ingredients

Researcher Todd Kuiken is promoting informed policy-making for the emerging food products being produced by synthetic biology processes. Todd Kuiken Walk down any baking aisle at the grocery store, and you’ll notice two types of vanilla on the shelf. The one with the higher price tag is vanilla extract, made from the seedpods of the

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Greener pastures for cattle ranching

Colombian farming researcher Enrique Murgueitio advocates grazing animals on wooded land to boost sustainability and production. Imagine an overgrown perennial garden. Impenetrable, shrubby bushes knit themselves together in long rows. Grasses reach chest high. Native hardwood trees hog the perimeter. Enrique MurgueitioPhoto taken by Lisa Palmer But this dense, green expanse is not a garden.

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A shorter path from farm to table

Putting greenhouse farms near big city supermarkets should be the next local food movement, according to BrightFarms founder Paul Lightfoot. Paul Lightfoot Paul Lightfoot’s personalized license plate says it all: EFISHENT. It’s a quality he honed when the former retail software developer helped very large corporations eliminate waste, time and energy in their supply chains.

Turning yeast into sustainable fish food

Genetically modified yeast can replace wild-caught fish in farmed salmon diets, says Scott Nichols, director of DuPont’s aquaculture joint venture.

The politics of food technology innovation for Africa

Biotech policy expert Calestous Juma believes educating Africa’s leaders about the role of technology in agriculture is key to helping the continent reap the benefits of innovation.