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Plant waste may find place at the table

Plant waste may find place at the table

Virginia Tech scientist Y.-H. Percival Zhang is turning plant waste into starches that could one day be ingredients in human food products. Y.-H. Percival Zhang Producing enough food and generating enough sustainable energy are two of our biggest challenges for the future. Y.-H. Percival Zhang, a Virginia Tech biological systems engineering professor, intends to meet

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Say good-bye to willpower

By fine-tuning our environments, says overeating expert Brian Wansink, we can consume less food without having to think about it. Feel like you’re constantly fighting temptations to eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods? It’s not you—it’s the environment around you, says Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab

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Precision agriculture poised for growth

More food with less waste is on the horizon, says Ohio State agricultural engineer Scott Shearer, thanks to sophisticated new data-driven farming technologies. Last summer, an unmanned drone cruised peacefully in the sky above an Ohio cornfield. Using remote-sensing technology, the aircraft was able to map the emerging corn sprouts hundreds of feet below to

Futurist Ramez Naam forecasts mix of high- and low-tech ag solutions

Visionary farming technology has its place, says futurist Ramez Naam, but some of the best long-range tools for boosting food production may already be here.