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Arresting food fraud

Arresting food fraud

UK food security researcher Chris Elliott is fighting back against criminal threats to the safety of the world’s food supply. Chris Elliott Sitting in the chilled counter at a supermarket, one beef burger looks pretty much like any other. The label may boast that it came from a happy free-range cow raised on organic pasture,

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Big potential for small-scale aquaponics

Renewable mini-ecosystems could be the future of sustainable food production, says UK biologist Charlie Price. Some sustainable food enthusiasts create farms. Charlie Price creates ecosystems. Charlie Price As a leading UK-based proponent of aquaponics—the marriage of hydroponics and aquaculture—the freshwater biologist is working to produce food sustainably by mimicking the relationships found in nature among

Ending food waste in the developed world

UK activist Tristram Stuart believes in grass-roots campaigns that help stop food waste from the ground up.