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Shrinking agriculture’s water footprint

Shrinking agriculture’s water footprint

Food and beverage companies could play a major role in helping reduce global water consumption through their supply chains, says Dutch scientist Arjen Hoekstra, founder of the Water Footprint Network. Arjen Hoekstra Many of the biggest drains on our water supply come not from the kitchen tap but from inside the fridge of a typical

Ocean seafood failing the acid test

German marine biologist Ulf Riebesell says the unchecked pace of ocean acidification threatens to deplete future supplies of seafood and fish. Ulf Riebesell The increasing acidity of the world’s oceans is happening silently and invisibly for now. But the impact on our food chain—including declining numbers of certain edible species—will become more and more visible

New non-dairy protein blossoms in Germany

Research scientist Stephanie Mittermaier believes protein produced from sweet blue lupine seeds has big potential as an alternative to soy. Stephanie Mittermaier Imagine a dainty blue flower whose seeds can magically turn into a protein-packed non-dairy treat. It may not be the stuff of fairy tales, but German food technologist Stephanie Mittermaier and her colleagues

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Sustainable farming goes back to the future

Ancient agriculture techniques can play a crucial new role in food security, says sustainable agriculture expert Parviz Koohafkan. Not so long ago, China’s 2,000-year-old system of cultivating rice and fish together on small family farms was on the verge of becoming obsolete. The introduction of pesticides and fertilizers was killing off the fish, while new