The voice of solutions

The June 2013 United Nations report projects a population of 9.6 billion by 2050. That projection, coupled with well-documented concerns about limited resources, hunger, climate change and obesity, has people talking. While there’s no shortage of commentary, there appears to be a void when it comes to viable solutions to the challenges we face. Who truly understands the issues? Which ideas might actually work? It’s increasingly hard to separate fact from opinion.

FutureFood 2050, initiated by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), is offering a new approach. We’ll be publishing a wide variety of stories about food issues, opportunities, and solutions–all grounded in fact. We’re interviewing scientific experts along with a wider community of innovators and citizens from around the globe to provide balanced reporting and bring to light the facts behind the issues.

FutureFood 2050 connects with readers through a variety of media and an upcoming documentary, reporting on:

  • Scientific frontiers—from fields, villages and cities to labs, production lines and deep space
  • Global thought leaders who are helping to separate myth from reality
  • Fascinating individuals and the ingenuity they’re bringing to food challenges
  • The latest on the science of food—and the impact it is having—around the globe

Through the collective insights in these stories, FutureFood 2050 will generate opportunities to learn about science-based solutions that are as real as the challenges we face.