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Brain Food - The Official Blog of IFT

Increasing Traceability in the Grains and Cereals Market
As demand for enhanced traceability and transparency continues to grow in the global food industry, the IFT Global Food Traceability Center and Centaur Analytics partnered to explore technologies that could be implemented to digitize and automate the grains and cereals supply chain. Read more

IFT Takes Inclusion to a Whole New Level at IFT19
As communities around the country celebrate Pride Month, IFT member and Certified Food Scientist Randy Kreienbrink reflects on how far IFT has come from a Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity standpoint, and the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at IFT19. Read more

Innovation Awards Honor Plant-Based and Upcycled Product Advancements
With solutions answering consumer demand for more naturally-sourced products and ingredients, three IFT19 Food Expo exhibitors were recognized as the 2019 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award winners in New Orleans. Read more

Decoding the Updated Nutrition Facts Label
In January 2020, most manufacturers will be required to have the updated Nutrition Facts label appear on packaged goods. Examining what has changed and why can help consumers make more informed decisions when purchasing and consuming food and beverage products. Read more

Students Showcase Knowledge, Creativity Through Competitions
IFT provides student members numerous opportunities to expand their knowledge, explore potential career paths, network with peers, volunteer their time, and socialize throughout the year. Among those opportunities is the chance to showcase their creative thinking, scientific prowess, and teamwork through a number of competitions. Read more

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