Waste not, want not

Waste not, want not

Approximately one-third of food produced annually around the world is lost or wasted from grower to consumer. Food loss occurs during production and processing while food waste occurs at the retail and consumer stages. National Geographic reports that the amount of lost or wasted food totals 2.8 trillion pounds—enough to feed three billion people. There is enough blame to go around: Richer industrialized countries tend to waste more food per capita (i.e., consumers), and developing countries tend to experience more food loss (i.e., producers and processors) mainly due to inadequate storage and processing facilities.

Oscar Sjogren

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  • My partner and I have a solution to the food waste issue in developing countries. We’ve developed an off-the-grid solar powered facility that can address the problem at the farm level to the processing plant and beyond. It can go anywhere where electricity is not available full time and can be scaled to meet the requirement of each locality. We have been seeking funding to erect a demonstration unit and beyond. We find it hard to understand why the world discusses the issue over and over again but those who can assist us do not. Almost all of the funds that is spent on agriculture is spent on growing more crops which is something that should be done in moderation but if we need to feed approximately 3 Billion more people in the next generation plus we do not need to grow anymore then we grow now.
    Just curious on who needs to step up and fund solutions like ours.