These 10 startups are creating the future of food

Venture Capitalists invested more than $146 million in the food and beverage industry last year and Business Insider took a look in July 2014 at 10 food startups that aren’t just sustainable, healthier food options but also what they considered to be the future of food. They include: Modern Meadow, grows meat and leather in a lab using 3D bioprinting; Soylent, a powdered “complete meal” drink; Solazyme, a microalgae-derived food ingredient; Hampton Creek plant-based substitutes as alternatives to eggs; Beyond Meat, plant, protein-based alternatives to meat products; NuTek Salt uses potassium instead of sodium; Six Foods, uses insect-based food products like cricket flour to provide more protein in traditional snacks; Kite-Hill’s artisan cheesesprovides vegan-cheese options using pasteurized nut milk; Real Food Blends offers tastier and healthier options to the more than 1 million Americans who eat using feeding tubes, to Unreal candy, a healthier candy that contains no corn syrup or gluten.

Oscar Sjogren

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