How Canadian canola is helping educate India’s poor

Iqbal Singh Kingra, former agricultural director for the Indian state government, believes in the health benefits of canola oil and sells the oil, harvested and ground on the Canadian Prairies, to help fund high-tech schools for India’s rural poor, according to a June article in The Globe and Mail. Kingra, a spiritual leader of Kalgidhar Society, was so angered by the substance abuse and widespread illiteracy in India, he decided to import canola oil, considered healthier because of lower saturated fats, into India and according to the article, these imports are scheduled to make a profit of $500,000 this year and upward of $1 million next year which could potentially fund the construction of eight schools annually. Kingra’s goal is to build a total of 500 schools by 2020.

Oscar Sjogren

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