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Good gut, good health?

Good gut, good health?

New nutritional therapies are aimed at boosting the variety of microorganisms that live in your GI tract, says neuroendocrinologist Mark Heiman. Mark Heiman Mark Heiman recently picked up a watermelon radish at his local farmer’s market in New Orleans and immediately had to try it. The milder, slightly sweeter flavor and pink flesh made the

Nutrition gets personal

Dietary guidance that’s targeted to your precise genetic makeup is the wave of the future, says nutrition scientist Jeffrey Blumberg. Jeffrey Blumberg In mid-February 2015, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released its 571-page report detailing what Americans should be eating to stay healthy. Much of the advice likely sounded familiar: more fruits, vegetables and nuts

Walmart targets climate-smart suppliers

The world’s largest grocer is exerting its influence on food companies to reduce their environmental impacts, says Walmart sustainability executive Kathleen McLaughlin. Kathleen McLaughlin When an Iowa corn and soy farmer named Tim Richter took the stage at a big sustainability conference organized last fall by Walmart, he had a message for the crowd gathered

Climate-smart agriculture from the ground up

Executing climate-smart agriculture programs in the developing world requires getting back to basics, says global agriculture researcher Bruce Campbell. Bruce CampbellPhoto Credit: V. Meadu (CCAFS) When a farmer in Kenya buys a bag of seeds, he can begin practicing climate-smart agriculture strategies immediately. Inside the seed bag is a scratch card with a code, which

Into the woods: The link between forests and food security

Environmental campaigner Bianca Jagger says restoring forest landscapes is a vital part of climate-smart agriculture. Photo Credit: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock.comBianca Jagger Bianca Jagger believes there’s no way to ensure that everyone in the world will have enough to eat without overcoming the growing impact of climate change. And that, says Jagger, means bringing back the world’s

Uniting Africa to face climate change

Scaling up climate-smart agriculture strategies means building new alliances both on and off the continent, says Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO of the African Union’s NEPAD agency. Ibrahim Mayaki Former Niger prime minister Ibrahim Assane Mayaki has dedicated his career to improving the lives of fellow Africans. Today, as CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development