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Stretching the food safety net

Stretching the food safety net

Consumer activist Caroline Smith DeWaal mixes science, politics and advocacy to find foodborne illness solutions.

A universe of longer shelf life for foods

NASA’s Michele Perchonok oversees food science research designed to boost shelf stability to infinity and beyond.

The brave new world of meat alternatives

Biotechnologist Isha Datar envisions menus and meat cases stocked with tasty lab-made options.

3-D food printing reaches for the stars

Supported by NASA, mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor is in the forefront of creating a space-bound 3-D printer that may one day help feed people in developing nations too.

Women hold key to hunger solutions

Public policy leader Catherine Bertini works to empower the world’s girls as the missing link in global food aid programs.

Birthing a new era of sustainable agriculture

Geneticist M.S. Swaminathan, heralded as the father of India’s Green Revolution, says it’s time for the next step: greater agricultural productivity without ecological damage.