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U.S. cricket farming scales up

U.S. cricket farming scales up

Tiny Farms co-founder Daniel Imrie-Situnayake is helping to lay the technology groundwork for industrial-scale insect production in the United States. Daniel Imrie-Situnayake Two billion people worldwide think nothing of munching on a tasty insect snack or entree, but until recently very few of them were Americans. That’s all changing, though, as edible insects inch their

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Fighting world hunger with bugs

Insect protein could become a near-perfect famine relief product, says entomologist Harman Singh Johar. Harman Singh Johar The first insect Harman Singh Johar ever ate was an ant. Today, Johar is a young entrepreneur intent on turning crickets, grasshoppers and other six-legged critters from novelty items into sustainable staples of the American diet and a

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Sustainable farming goes back to the future

Ancient agriculture techniques can play a crucial new role in food security, says sustainable agriculture expert Parviz Koohafkan. Not so long ago, China’s 2,000-year-old system of cultivating rice and fish together on small family farms was on the verge of becoming obsolete. The introduction of pesticides and fertilizers was killing off the fish, while new

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Greener pastures for cattle ranching

Colombian farming researcher Enrique Murgueitio advocates grazing animals on wooded land to boost sustainability and production. Imagine an overgrown perennial garden. Impenetrable, shrubby bushes knit themselves together in long rows. Grasses reach chest high. Native hardwood trees hog the perimeter. Enrique MurgueitioPhoto taken by Lisa Palmer But this dense, green expanse is not a garden.

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Seaweed farming reaps trendy new ocean-borne ‘vegetables’

Marine scientist Charles Yarish is sowing the seeds for an eco-friendly agricultural industry in U.S. coastal waters. CYNTHIA GRABER: This is Cynthia Graber reporting for FutureFood 2050. Humans have eaten seaweed for thousands of years in coastal regions from Northern Europe to South America to Asia. Today, seaweed aquaculture is centered primarily in Japan, China

Sustainable seafood dives into the mainstream

Celebrity seafood chef Rick Moonen wants diners to vote with their forks for environmentally friendly fish.