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Conservation key to increasing fish supply

Conservation key to increasing fish supply

Implementing sustainable fishing policies could increase profits globally by $51 billion per year while boosting the oceans’ supply of fish, according to a story on The research, which examined a database of 4,373 fishers, was conducted by the University of California, the University of Washington, and the Environmental Defense Group. It concluded that sustainable

The Future of Sustainable Farming

The current agriculture system is set up for efficiency and profitability, not sustainability, the website One Green Planet contends. The way food animals are raised is unsustainable and conventional agriculture’s use of pesticides and monocultures for crops is not suited to the environment. The website identifies a few strategies that could make agriculture more sustainable:

Seeding the Future

The Guardian reports that the film Seeds of Time documents the challenges agriculture faces from climate change and natural disasters. For example, the current drought in California is wreaking havoc in an area where many of America’s crops are grown. The film emphasizes the risks of industrial agriculture’s reliance on monocultures—a practice that caused the

Walmart targets climate-smart suppliers

The world’s largest grocer is exerting its influence on food companies to reduce their environmental impacts, says Walmart sustainability executive Kathleen McLaughlin. Kathleen McLaughlin When an Iowa corn and soy farmer named Tim Richter took the stage at a big sustainability conference organized last fall by Walmart, he had a message for the crowd gathered