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McDonald’s sets 2020 sustainability goals

McDonald’s sets 2020 sustainability goals

McDonald’s promoted its 2020 sustainability and social responsibility goals in an April article in which some experts criticized as not going green enough.

Recycling the leftovers

An estimated 14,000 households in Austin, Texas, roll out a bin packed with their food scraps each week to be turned into compost, as part of the city’s goal to eliminate 90 percent of the waste it sends to landfills by 2040, according to a May article in The New York Times.

Sowing seeds for more abundant rice crops

Genetic engineering and ecologically responsible growing practices needn’t be strange bedfellows, says plant geneticist Pamela Ronald.

Women hold key to hunger solutions

Public policy leader Catherine Bertini works to empower the world’s girls as the missing link in global food aid programs.

Birthing a new era of sustainable agriculture

Geneticist M.S. Swaminathan, heralded as the father of India’s Green Revolution, says it’s time for the next step: greater agricultural productivity without ecological damage.