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GMO chickens coming to a coop near you?

GMO chickens coming to a coop near you?

The USDA reports that 48 million birds have been affected by the avian flu this year and it’s responsible for the eradication of chicken and turkey flocks across the United States. The solution? As Laurence Tiley, a virology specialist at the University of Cambridge, explains in a National Geographic article, it’s a genetically-modified chicken that

Crops in Space

One of the main goals of space exploration is for humans to explore and inhabit other worlds. However, it takes several years to travel from Earth to other planets. To survive the journey and live to tell the tale, explorers will need to grow their own food in space. Christian Science Monitor reports that astronauts

Are drinkable meals the future of food?

Finnish startup Ambronite, UK-based Huel, and Silicon Valley’s Soylent have developed what they variously describe as “the future of food”, “a drinkable supermeal” and “a food revolution”, reports an article in International Business Times. Each product is a powder that can be mixed with water to create a drinkable meal. The article’s author ate these

The future of food shopping

A concept shop at Milan Expo explored how technology could transform the way we shop for food. Some of these changes might be upon us sooner than you think, according to an article in The Irish Times. Over the past two or three years, augmented reality has become one of the retail sector’s big talking

Farmers to reap benefits of ‘smart’ implements

Cutting-edge digital technology is sowing the seeds of more efficient, sustainable agriculture, says Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jorge Heraud. Jorge Heraud Drive any road in Salinas Valley, Calif., and you’re apt to see crews of workers stooping to weed or harvest fields of lettuce, spinach, tomatoes or strawberries. Sometimes called “America’s Salad Bowl,” this is John

Preserving fresh food longer without chemicals

Treating foods with high pressure rather than high heat or chemicals is a natural choice for better maintaining flavor and nutrients, says biologist Carole Tonello. Carole Tonello Carole Tonello likes to start her day with an energy-boosting juice made from raw kale, cucumber and spinach, but her morning rush doesn’t leave time to prepare it