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Beefing up test-tube meat

Beefing up test-tube meat

Dutch physiologist Mark Post sees lab-grown products as the ultimate solution to feeding the world’s appetite for healthier, sustainable “real” meat. Mark PostPhoto Credit: Sacha Ruland Mouth-watering smells of frying meat wafted around a dimly lit studio in East London on Aug. 5, 2013. The cultured beef patty cooked and tasted at the media event

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The well-connected kitchen

GE industrial designer Lou Lenzi believes interactive kitchens can help support healthier lifestyles. Take a good look at your kitchen—because it’s about to become unrecognizable. Lou Lenzi Within a decade, says General Electric (GE) industrial designer Lou Lenzi, digital communications and sensors will dramatically alter many aspects of how the home kitchen looks and works,

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Big potential for small-scale aquaponics

Renewable mini-ecosystems could be the future of sustainable food production, says UK biologist Charlie Price. Some sustainable food enthusiasts create farms. Charlie Price creates ecosystems. Charlie Price As a leading UK-based proponent of aquaponics—the marriage of hydroponics and aquaculture—the freshwater biologist is working to produce food sustainably by mimicking the relationships found in nature among

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Precision agriculture poised for growth

More food with less waste is on the horizon, says Ohio State agricultural engineer Scott Shearer, thanks to sophisticated new data-driven farming technologies. Last summer, an unmanned drone cruised peacefully in the sky above an Ohio cornfield. Using remote-sensing technology, the aircraft was able to map the emerging corn sprouts hundreds of feet below to