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Fighting world hunger with bugs

Fighting world hunger with bugs

Insect protein could become a near-perfect famine relief product, says entomologist Harman Singh Johar. Harman Singh Johar The first insect Harman Singh Johar ever ate was an ant. Today, Johar is a young entrepreneur intent on turning crickets, grasshoppers and other six-legged critters from novelty items into sustainable staples of the American diet and a

In the pink: Speeding up crop growth

Tokyo plant physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura envisions a world of “pinkhouses” that use special LED lighting to drastically reduce growing time. Shigeharu Shimamura When Shigeharu Shimamura was a teenager in skyscraper-bound Tokyo, he had a vision of the future of agriculture. Indoor farms—fully enclosed, fully controlled facilities known as “plant factories” in Japan—would rise up throughout