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Eating cheese may benefit your gut

Eating cheese may benefit your gut

Scientists may have just discovered another reason to nosh on cheese: a recent study showed that eating fermented dairy products may have a positive effect on the gut’s microbiota, according to a story in Time. Cheese—and to a degree, milk—help gut bacteria reduce the production of TMAO, a metabolite created when digesting red meat that

The Thirstiest Foods on Earth

As state officials ponder ways to address one of the most severe droughts California has ever had, focus is turning to the water needed to produce some of America’s favorite foods. The Los Angeles Times reports that producing foods derived from animals requires enormous amounts of water. Some of the thirstiest foods are beef, pork,

A Bumper Crop of Plastic

Many consumers believe they are being eco-conscious by eating locally sourced food and buying organic fruits and vegetables. However, both organic farms and conventional farms are wreaking havoc on the environment through their use of plastic, Ensia reports. U.S. agriculture uses approximately one billion pounds of plastic per year; only 10% of that plastic is