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Western Consumers Not Ready for Bugs

Western Consumers Not Ready for Bugs

Despite the promotion of bugs as being a sustainable alternative to meat, Westerners are not yet receptive to snacking on crickets and mealworms. According to The Salt, randomized surveys indicate that most Westerners have never eaten an insect and are unlikely to. British researcher Ophelia Deroy contends that this is not because they are disgusted

Test-Tube Meat for the Masses

Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University in the Netherlands believes that lab-grown beef could one day rival beef from traditional cattle farming, according to Eater. The first lab-grown burger cost $380,000 to produce, but the price of production is rapidly decreasing. Post envisions a future in which “traditional meat sources will not be able to

Fresh Seafood? There’s an App for That

New England fishermen are working with technology experts to develop a smartphone app that will provide the history of fresh seafood, reports 680 News. Developed in cooperation with the the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the tool will incorporate data on the catch, landing, auction, processing, and delivery of a piece of fish. The project

Conservation key to increasing fish supply

Implementing sustainable fishing policies could increase profits globally by $51 billion per year while boosting the oceans’ supply of fish, according to a story on The research, which examined a database of 4,373 fishers, was conducted by the University of California, the University of Washington, and the Environmental Defense Group. It concluded that sustainable

Boston Restaurant Combines Science with Art

Café ArtScience, the Boston restaurant designed by the creator of WikiPearls, creates dishes to challenge how diners interact with their food, according to a story on Fox News. “We are really interested in how people consume food and their reaction to form and texture,” says David Edwards, a biotech engineer, inventor, creator, and Harvard professor.